Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Max King's Running Tip of the Month

The following article was written by Max King and originally printed in The Footzone Bend's May e-mail newsletter.  Reprinted with permission from The Footzone Bend and Max King.

Max King winning the 2012 USA 50k Trail Championships

Whew, it's getting warm out there! It's nice to know that summer is right around the corner, which means that staying on top of your hydration routine is becoming increasingly important during daily runs and races.

A drop in hydration levels will cause a drop in performance and also slow recovery times from your runs. Runs of an hour or less in moderate temps probably do not require you to carry too much water, but for anything longer than that, you should be consuming 20-28oz of water per hour. For runs longer than two hours, it is smart to use electrolyte replacement as well.

This sounds so easy in theory, but how do you comfortably carry water on a run? We have plenty of options! Seems like just about every month someone comes out with a new way to carry water. New innovative designs in packs, handhelds, and water bottle designs are out and we have them. Come down, try them out, and see what works best for you. Electrolyte replacement can be intimidating, but technology has progressed a long way from popping salt blocks into your mouth; great tasting electrolyte tabs can make drinking on your run easy and refreshing!" Keeping it simple with just some electrolyte capsules can also be a great way to go. The recommended dose is between 100 and 300 mg of sodium per hour, and the FootZone staff is happy to provide tips for finding the right match for you!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ATRA Notes - May 2013

ATRA Notes is a monthly email newsletter for race directors, trail runners and members. You can find ATRA Notes reprinted on this blog every month!  If you are not already an ATRA member, simply visit this link to join today.

ATRA socks are still available:
If you are interested in having your own pair of ATRA socks...send a check for $15 (includes shipping) to: ATRA, PO Box 9454, Colorado Springs, CO 80932 - we'll ship a pair out to you -- they are Core-Spun CoolMax socks proudly made in Colorado and in lovely packaging from the manufacturer (Save Our Soles by Colorado Knitting Company). On the instep they have American Trail Running Association imprinted. They are super comfy and black for those of us who love to run on trails and hate to wash whites! We're hoping to use this as an ATRA fundraiser! If you want to buy two pairs -- send another $10 for the second pair since we only have to pay once for shipping. Just let us know which size you'd like and we'll ship them out and...included with your order, a free ATRA bumper sticker!

While on our website, be sure to browse our schedule of races both in the U.S. and abroad. We update our calendar weekly. Please enter your event at, if you don't see it listed. 

We welcome your trail run, or trail race reports that can be included in a future edition of our quarterly newsletter Trail Times. Our spring '13 issue is in production and we're also planning our summer '13 edition which will e-publish in June. All members of ATRA receive a copy and the issues are also posted on our website.

Thank you to our friends at OrthoLite for their continued support! 

Join the ATRA Group on Facebook and contribute to discussions about our sport. 

Hardscrabble Mountain Trail Run - June 2, 2013 - Westcliffe, CO 

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running, 2nd Edition
A comprehensive guide to running's fastest growing endurance and adventure sport. Everything You Need to Know About Equipment * Finding Trails * Nutrition * Hill Strategy * Racing * Avoiding Injury * Training * Weather * Safety. By Adam W. Chase and Nancy Hobbs. To order your copy today, visit one of the following suppliers:; Barnes &, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Powell's,, REI. Learn more at this link.

Upcoming 2013 USATF Championships 
USA 10km Trail - June 29, Beech Mountain, NC-Beech Mountain 10km
USA Mountain - July 21, North Conway, NH - Cranmore Mountain Race
USA 100 Mile Trail - July 27, Cleveland, OH-Burning River 100 Mile
USA Marathon Trail - August 18, Manitou Springs, CO - Pikes Peak Marathon
USA Half Marathon Trail - November 2, Moab, UT-Moab Trail Half Marathon
USA 50km Trail - November 9, Boulder City, NV-Bootlegger 50km
Find more information about these and other USATF Championships here.

The 2013 USATF Trail Championship Sub-Ultra Series will include the 10km, Mountain, Marathon, and Half Marathon with points awarded at each event. The best three of four times will considered for final scoring, but runners will be scored whether they participate in one, two, three, or all four events. The top male and female point getters will receive an award at year end.

ATRA Race Standards 
In 2012, the ATRA Board of Directors introduced its labeling program which includes 15 event standards and is meant to serve as a guide for race directors to help them through the planning and execution of their event. Additionally, race participants can use the standards as an educational tool. The event standards are a good complement to our Rules on the Run publication which covers trail etiquette. Our goal with this program is to educate and support events. We look forward to working with you to make this a worthwhile and successful program.

What does an ATRA label mean?
The event in question adheres to ATRA standards outlined at this link. In summary, the event is safe, has an accurately measured and marked course, provides timely results and awards, abides by entry limits (either self imposed or externally imposed - such as U.S. National Parks or USDA National Forest, etc.), has obtained the necessary permits and insurance, is environmentally friendly to the land, and describes event details in an entry booklet / brochure and/or website and/or email blasts.

To include the ATRA label for your event(s), follow these steps:
STEP 1:  Review the standards here,

STEP 2:  If your event meets the majority of the criteria outlined (at least 12 of the 15 criteria), copy and paste the ATRA label/logo and place on your website and/or in your printed race materials with a hyperlink to the criteria on the ATRA website at this link,

STEP 3:  Let ATRA know (contact that your event is using the ATRA label so it can be included on the ATRA online calendar,

STEP 4:  Consider joining ATRA as a race member. (Athletes may also request an ATRA label on behalf of an event).

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

International Mountain Running Youth Challenge Scheduled for July

Junior USMRT member Laura Beresford at the 2010 World Mountain Running Championships

The 8th Annual WMRA International Youth Cup will be held in Gap, France on Sunday, July7.  This mountain/trail running event provides an opportunity for athletes ages 16 and 17 (in the year of the competition) to participate on an international stage.

The event is held under the auspices of the International Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) who awarded the hosting of the 2013 Youth Mountain Race World Cup to the City of Gap and the Athletics Club of Gap Hautes-Alpes in 2012.

Junior USMRT member Chase Culkins at the 2010 World Mountain Running Championships

The race course in Gap will include mountain paths with the junior boys running run 5.3 kilometers resulting in a total elevation gain of 335 meters. The junior girls will run 2.5 kilometers with 170 meters of climbing.

Read the full story by +Nano Hobbs on her Examiner page here.

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 USA Mountain, Ultra & Trail National Championships

The 2013 trail running season is well underway but there are still several national championship races on the calendar.  From 10k to 100 miles and on steep mountain slopes, there's a championship for all experiences levels.  +USA Track & Field mountain, ultra & trail running championships feature some of the fastest elite trail runners but are also open to all runners.  National championship medals are awarded to the top 10 overall men & women as well as to the top 3 in each 5 year age group over 40.  Selected MUT championships are include team scoring for USATF registered clubs.  

The Central Mass Striders win the open team competition at the USA Trail Marathon Championships

Erica Baron (Los Alamos, NM) winning the 2012 USA 50k Trail Championships

Go for it!  Pick the +USA Track & Field National Championship that is right for you.  There are even a couple non-trail ultra championships!

USA 10 km Trail Championships Beech Mountain, NC – June 29, 2013
USA Mountain Running Championships – Cranmore, NH – July 21, 2013
USA 100 Mile Trail Championships – Burning River, OH – July 27-28, 2013
USA Marathon Trail Championships – Manitou Springs, CO – August 18, 2013
USA 50 Mile Road Championships – Boalsburg, PA – October 20, 2013
USA 24 Hour Championships – Oklahoma City, OK – October 26, 2013
USA Half Marathon Trail Championships – Moab, UT – November 2, 2013USA 50 km Trail Championships – Boulder City, NV – November 9, 2013

Joe Gray (Lakewood, WA) winning the 2009 USA Mountain Running Championships

These races have been designated championships by the +USA Track & Field Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running Council.  Learn more about the "MUT" Council here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Max King's Running Tip of the Month

The following article was written by Max King and originally printed in The Footzone Bend's May e-mail newsletter.  Reprinted with permission from The Footzone Bend and Max King.

Max King, 1st place, 1:15:48. 2012 USA 1/2 Marathon Trail National Championships

It's trail time. Trails are opening up more and more every week, we're getting into trail race season, and we're all getting out there to log some miles on new terrain. To help you out this year here are some tips that will make your trail experience safer and more fun.

1. Carry the essentials. Depending on the distance this is going to mean different things. Shorter runs can be accomplished with a simple hydration carrying system and a little bit of food. If you're new to a trail system I definitely recommend carrying a map, compass, a GPS device or all three. It's easy to get turned around in the woods. And know how to use them. For longer runs in the mountains, a jacket, hat, food, water, and probably some emergency equipment such as a fire starter, space blanket, and water purification is important. You may not need it but if you do, you'll be glad you have it.

2. Be courteous to other users. Since the high mountains aren't open yet a lot of the lower trails are heavily used this time of year by hikers, runners, bikers, and horseback riders. We all love being out in the forest, so we all need to get along. Yield to horses and get off the trail, bikers are supposed to yield to you, but keep your head up and be on the lookout, they're going faster and sometimes it's easier (and safer) if you take the proactive approach to remove yourself from the trail first. And remember, you're in Central Oregon, be nice!

3. Let someone else know where you'll be going, or at least the general area. I'm terrible about this, but this is something that can get you into big trouble if you get injured with no one else around.

4. If you're new to trail running do a little research before heading out to familiarize yourself with the trail system you're going to and the trails you want to run. Use a map or an internet resource to read up on a trail. Nothing can ruin a run faster than getting on a trail that is technically over your head. Your one hour run might turn into a 3hr hike.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of recommendations for staying safe on the trails this summer, only a guide to help you to remember to think about your safety when you head out into the forest and mountains. Happy running!

Training 201 Clinic with Max King -
Thursday, May 9th at 7pm 

Join FootZone for Training 201 with Max King, a follow up to the popular Training 101. Max will lead a discussion answering questions such as:
  • How the body adapts to different training stresses and environmental stress?
  • Do you respond better to speed or endurance training?
Attendance to Training 101 is not necessary to attend Training 201, but you may find attending both helpful.  
Let us know you're coming, please RSVP!

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